06 July, 2009


So the weekend before last we had a nice Saturday outing. We went to the new Smashburger that opened near us. Tasty burgers and good shakes. The fries were ok, nothing spectacular, but good. We will definitely have to go back. It is a lot closer than Lion's Tap, and almost as good. After lunch we went and saw the movie Up in 3D. Excellent movie. I cried through some parts (if you've seen it, you know which parts, if you haven't, I won't spoil it for you). The extra money for 3D wasn't really worth it, but its good to try it out once in a while.

Last weekend was interesting. It started early with my Great Aunt's funeral on Thursday. It was a great service. The only time any of us will see a 21 gun salute to a paisley handbag. (Her ashes were buried in a Talbot's handbag wrapped in a Talbot's gift box. The national cemetery was perfectly fine with this.) We had a wonderful day with family, catching up and discussing the upcoming festivities in September. Friday we took it easy, did some light cleaning and grocery shopping. Saturday my aunt from Cali came over. She had never seen our house and wanted to, so I gave her the grand tour while James mowed the lawn. We didn't stay up too late or go see fireworks, just had a nice day at home enjoying the American dream. Sunday we got out our bikes for the first time this year (well first time for me anyway). We did a 6 1/2 mile ride at Baker Park reserve (near lake Independence). It was really nice, the hills were pretty small and not too bad. Hopefully we will get out much more the rest of the summer. Overall a great and pretty relaxing weekend.

Only two full weeks of work than I get a short week and a trip to the cabin. I can't wait! Also exciting, I finally get a haircut on Saturday. It has probably been six months since I had that done, and I really need it.

Next time, updates on the house and yard!

What about the knitting?? I can't talk about that, it would ruin the surprise. The other knitting? That's a sock (second of a pair) that I only knit on my lunch break so is coming along very slowly and is not worth talking about just yet.

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