17 September, 2009

My Summer Vacation

Hi there. Let's see if this photo thing will work this time. We had a good time at the cabin in late July. James tried to get hummingbird pictures. He got a few good ones, but I got these, which I am really fond of.

And here are the socks that I finished while we were there.
The color in this photo (and all of the photos I took of them) is a bit off. The name of the colorway is Blackberry, and it is a bit darker and a little more purple-y. I think the pattern shows up pretty well on it (again, the photo isn't that great), I am looking forward to wearing them this winter.

Then a couple of weeks after visiting the cabin, we went to the Boundary Waters. It was the first trip that we made on our own, and it went remarkably well. Yes, we made fire and ate dinner in the dark the first night, but the second day we moved to a campsite on an island and didn't leave it until it was time to go home. There were tons of berries on the island, mostly blue, but some red as well.
I forgot to bring my berry book, so I only sampled a couple of blueberries, because I was confident that they would taste good and not kill me. This turned out to be well placed confidence, and my prudence was rewarded as I looked up the other four kinds of berries that we saw when we got home, and at least one of them is indeed harmful. One or two of the others are ok, but apparently don't taste that good. So only eating the little blue ones was a good move. We also saw some mooses. If you look really close, you will see three dots in the lake. These are a mama moose and her two little meese. We watched them swim across the lake and go into the woods pretty much straight across from us. It was pretty neat, and the binoculars got a good workout.

To round out the summer, we went to my cousin Liz's wedding in Duluth! I finally got to meet Scott (groom in said wedding) as well as Margaret's intended, Ugur (the g is silent if you are not sure how to pronounce his name) and Fred's girlfriend Bri. It would seem that all of my cousins have picked quite nice partners. We like the nice in this family. It is so strange to see all of my cousins as parts of couples! Anyway, the whole weekend was terrific. The wedding was wonderful (yes, I cried, I do that). Margaret looked like a 1950's movie star. The dress and the hair were just perfect; she was beautiful (not that she isn't always, but I don't usually see her all dressed up and such). And Liz was positively radiant in her Grandmother's wedding dress (which her mother, and I think another relative have also worn). I loved the hairpiece that held her veil, and the hairdo with the baby's breath. It was obvious that she was spectacularly happy. I wish her and Scott many years of spectacular happiness. It was also great to meet some of their friends. They all seem like they are really fun and fun to hang around with people. I know I sound all gushy, but it was a great happy time, and I am so happy for Liz and Scott. I like to see my favorite peeps having a good thing. Anyway, it was generally a ridiculously happy weekend, so there.

They had a photo scavenger hunt (you can see my entry here), which was fun to complete. And I gave them this as a gift. And they liked it! Woo Hoo!

And just so you know, I still can't drag and drop the photos like I think I should be able to, but I used my incredibly limited HTML skillz to find a work around. I know this has been a crazy long post, but I had a lot swirling around in my head for quite awhile and just now finally managed to sit down get it all typed out and photo-ed up, and if I don't do it all at once, some of it will get lost, and I didn't want that. I wanted to share. Hockey season is getting underway and I get to go to a pre-season game on Sunday. The first regular season game is October 3. I am really excited for this season, and I'll probably want to share about that too.

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