23 September, 2010

Cheap is the new clean

So a while back I read this post on Crazy Aunt Purl's blog, and it got me thinking; why should I use all those chemically expensive things?  So I tried cleaning with vinegar, once in a while throwing some baking powder into the mix if I needed to really scrub something.  And it worked!  And mixing baking soda and white vinegar is still fun!  My grout is cleaner and it is super easy to do.  Perhaps even easier than cleaning with all those chemicals.  The only thing was that the floor dried a little splotchy.  I think that if I had gone over it a second time with plain water to rinse, it would have been fine.  So I was going merrily along with the vinegar cleaning, when I stumbled on this post on a new-to-me blog, and I thought, hey, why not use hydrogen peroxide?  It is just as cheap as vinegar, and probably works just as well, so I gave that a try too.  I think I might like it better.  There is something very satisfying about the bubbling and fizzing action when it hits the dirt.  I did invest in some micro fiber cloths and a micro fiber mop, and they work great for cleaning, easier than a sponge and they can go through the washer.
With the vinegar, I mix one cup vinegar with one gallon warm water, and I get the whole bathroom done that way without an issue.  With the peroxide, I just put it in a spray bottle and use it straight.  I love my new cheap cleaning solutions!  And the smells from either one don't seem to bother me, and the cats won't get sick if they lick the floor (or their feet after walking on a wet floor)  Bonus!  There are tons of resources on the interwebs for both ways of cleaning if you are interested.
What does James think of all this you ask?  He doesn't mind.  He likes saving money.  He told me he thinks it's cute because when I meet someone from his work for the first time, they are not expecting a chick in an AC-DC t-shirt who drops f-bombs.  He says he doesn't talk about me much at work, but there is the occasional mention of new cleaning/cooking experiments.  It makes me giggle a little.

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